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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts Leaned On Freddie Freeman Ahead of Emotional First At-Bat in Boston

Friday marked the first time Mookie Betts returned to Fenway Park since the Boston Red Sox traded him to the Los Angeles Dodgers in February 2020. Naturally, the fans gave Betts a huge standing ovation to welcome him back and he offered a hat tip and heart gesture back to the fan base he called his own for six seasons.

After the game, Betts admitted he was fighting some emotions and had to “lock it back in.” He also revealed after the game that he leaned on both Freddie Freeman and Jason Heyward for strength before the big moment.

“Him and Jay, before my first at-bat, were sitting next to me, talking to me, making sure I was good. The very last thing he said was, ‘Enjoy the moment. Don’t rush it.’ And every couple of innings he would just come in, check in and make sure I was good. That’s why I love him so much.”

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Both Freeman and Heyward have been through going back face to their original team. They received a huge ovation when they first went back, so they understood the emotions going through Betts’ heart and head. They could guide Betts who had a hit and scored two runs on Friday.

While Betts is happy in Los Angeles, he never thought he would leave Boston as a player, but the organization and Betts couldn’t agree on a contract. It was good to see the fans didn’t blame the future Hall of Famer for leaving. 

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