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Dodgers Receive Really Good News Back on Clayton Kershaw

The Dodgers and Cardinals will play the Wild Card Game on Wednesday night in Los Angeles. But unlike in years past, Clayton Kershaw will not be on the active roster. It’s been a very long time since the veteran southpaw wasn’t one of the first guys out of the gate in the postseason, but this year has been full of firsts. 

Kershaw went down with an arm injury last Friday night, and Dodgers fans have been holding their breath ever since. Give the obvious pain he was in and Dave Roberts almost immediately ruling him out of the postseason, there were plenty of reasons to worry. 

The only hope for Dodgers fans was that Kersh would be able to avoid major surgery. Regardless of playoff availability in 2021, losing him for an entire year due to Tommy John would be a devastating blow, even if he is not under contract yet. 

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But the Dodgers got VERY good news today. In his Wild Card media session on Wednesday, Roberts revealed that imaging had returned on Kershaw’s elbow. Doc said that although he is still considered out for the entire postseason, there was no ligament damage. 

That news is HUGE for the Dodgers and for Kershaw. Fans would obviously like to see him return to Los Angeles, and Kershaw would no doubt like to keep pitching here if everything lines up right. But the fact that he is not absolutely facing major surgery is huge. 

Get well soon Clayton, and we’ll see you on the bump next year. 

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  1. Indeed! As is the news that Muncy has no UCL tear either and might possibly be available if the Dodgers advance!

  2. Bauer needs to apologize for his unseemly behavior, regardless of the accuracy of the claims against him. No man with any dignity at all would want to take advantage of a troubled woman like he did.

  3. Just hope that if Scherzer doesn’t look good early,Roberts takes him out and doesn’t wait too long cause if they jump to a 3 run lead we’ll loose. And dodgers hopefully knock out their pitcher early.

    1. Luis, did you watch the AL WC game? Aaron Boone (pretty darn good manager by winning percentage) pulled his Ace (Gerrit Cole) in the 3rd inning because he didn’t have it. I have no doubt DR will do the right thing. These guys aren’t dummies. They know the stakes. They will do what they think will give them the best chance to win the game.

  4. This is the reason why you don’t mess around in the regular season with Roberts bs line up and random placement of guys that cause huge errors and losing games. You don’t want your guys playing hard in the last game cause of injuries! They should be “practicing” the last two weeks. He’s constantly putting scrubs in important situations, guys would be on a hot streak and he’ll rest them yet they’re under 30 years old!

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