Dodgers: Was LA Smart to Let Corey Seager Leave in Free Agency?

Former Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager signed with the Texas Rangers this offseason. Texas simply made Seager an offer he couldn’t refuse. He signed on the dotted line on a massive ten-year, $330 million contract.

He’s an incredible shortstop and is forever a Dodgers legend after winning the 2020 NLCS and World Series MVPs. But did Andrew Friedman and his team make the right call?

Over the last six years, Seager trails on Fernando Tatis Jr. in OPS and WRC+ among shortstops.  One could argue he’s the second-best offensive shortstop in the game.

For those that prefer prefer traditional stats, Seager ranks fourth in average (.295), 11th in RBI (347), and seventh in doubles (156).

The counting stats aren’t as pretty as the sabremetrics due to Seager missing significant time in 2018 and 2021.

Injuries are very much part of the Corey story.

The Injury Factor

Seager’s injury history was likely a factor for the Dodgers front office’s decision to let him walk. That being said, it didn’t stop the Dodgers from reportedly offering the slugger an eight-year, $250 million extension last spring. LA wasn’t willing to give him two more years and his penchant for injuries was probably why.

It’s hard to imagine Seager’s year 36 and year 37 seasons being worth the $33 million Texas will be paying him. Another question is where he’ll be playing.

A 36 Year-Old 6’4″ Shortstop?

His defense at shortstop is average-at-best right now. It’s not going to get better with age. Seags has publicly said in the past he does not want to switch to third base. Did Texas convince him to move to third or to DH down the road?

Paying a player in their late 30s to DH typically doesn’t go well. Just ask Angels.

At 6’4”, Seager would join the great Cal Ripken Jr. as the only shortstops at that height to primarily play short at that age. Ripken won two Gold Gloves in his career. Seager is not likely to win one before his playing days are over.

Final Seager Thoughts

Losing a longtime franchise shortstop is never easy. The Dodgers are also the only team to have another All-Star shortstop waiting in the wings. Seager’s departure opens the door to Trea Turner returning to his natural defensive position. Turner did his best at second, but he’s a defensive upgrade over Seager at short.

Committing long-term money to Seager would’ve also added complexity to the Dodgers future plans. It could’ve affected the Dodgers ability to retain Walker Buehler, Julio Úrias, Will Smith, and Cody Bellinger once they’re eligible for free agency. Yes, Mookie Betts is on a massive deal, but Seags is not on Betts’ level.

Seager earned his place in Dodgers lore over his six years in LA. He’s a great player, but Andrew Friedman not signing him for a decade was a wise decision.

What do you think Dodgers fans? Should LA have re-signed Seager?

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Eric Eulau

Born and raised in Ventura, not "Ven-CH-ura", California. Favorite Dodger Stadium food is the old school chocolate malt with the wooden spoon. Host of the Dodgers Nation 3 Up, 3 Down Podcast.


  1. It might seem like a bad decision if the Dodgers don’t extend T.Turner, but the money Seager wanted to be paid made it the right decision Turner or no Turner. What I won’t do is feel regret if Seager does great in Texas as it doesn’t mean he would have done the same in LA, and that goes for any bad that comes from it also.

  2. Heck, in two or three years he is going to be a third baseman. Maybe sooner. And he is not – and never will be – Nolan Arenado. I hope for Texas’ sake he stays on the field more than he did with the Dodgers.

  3. With Trea Turnee on the Rostee, paying Seager hundreds of millions would have been foolish.

  4. I still think Seager’s offensive approach (swing at first pitch) is a big reason why Dodgers didn’t go overboard on an offer. Simply doesn’t match up with the overall team philosophy.

  5. I agree the Dodgers did the right thing. My heart aches letting him go but the Dodgers win with the head, not the heart.
    I wouldn’t have given Mookie the years and I am not sure about paying JT for his term.
    I am glad Dodger Management is more smarterer than me!
    I was in favor of the young players coming up last year and I was wrong!
    Hoping for better next year. Front line talent is strong. Depth, we’ll see…

  6. Hell yeah they should of signed Seager.By not signing him now look what’s all happening to this once championship team.it all seems to be falling apart & the worst of it all is we only won 1 ws from being the Golden Team that had all the best players at one point!!….our window is quietly shutting!!

  7. Seems the Dodgers really wanted to keep Seager…but not paying him his worth…Friedman screwed everything up…didn’t help that he brought in Turner…who indicated in a USA article a couple of years ago (bringing in Turner seemed like a threat to me towards Seager) .he was a east coast guy..and it seems all around him know it…Seager doesn’t have soft tissue injuries so he is fine…getting hit by a pitch is just not a injury you can count…he will be a huge loss for the Dodgers …Turner most likely gone also along with MAX…who left ..the organization needs to look inward …maybe stars may not like something about the organization…who knows?

  8. If the Dodgers sign Correa after letting Seager go, I can no longer be a Dodger fan of 60 years.

  9. Agreed, the dodgers will probably have to offer Trea Turner the same or more annual salary as Seager got from Texas. However, the only advantage I see with Seager is his power. But Trea with his speed can turn a base-on-balls into a double. Trea’s defense advantage is a given.

  10. I truly believe that the Dodgers did the right thing. His injuries will continue no doubt. Good luck making the playoffs in Texas.

  11. Seager wanted the most he could get right or wrong that is a personal thing, C
    Taylor wanted stay with a winning organization the rest of his career. Sometimes the choice is just that simple. Both I think are probably great team players ego about how much you think you deserve and what someone is willing to pay you is sometimes entirely different. Seager is NOT worth 330 Mil to the Dodgers and I assume Texas had to overpay or else someone else would.

  12. “LET” him leave?? What a stupid article. He went for the money, Dodgers tried to resign him. You writers will post anything just to get a little ink. Dodger nation? I think not!!

  13. IMO – right thing to let Seager walk. Defense and injuries are concern for someone who wants 10 year deal.

  14. I can’t help but wonder about the economics. Remember, California is in the top 3 highest taxed states and number one in state income tax. Texas has no income tax. Over the life of that contract that’s any extra $33 million in his pocket. It doesn’t seem he was an endorsement guy so it would not have been easy to make up the difference in LA. I like Seager and am bummed about him leaving but it is extremely rare where loyalty trumps $$$.

  15. Hell no!! But I guess we can only watch as he becomes a hall of famer while playing for some other team. When picking a team it’s almost like a religion something we believe in from very deep inside . Then it is taken away we are left in limbo not knowing what to do.
    Corey Seager was groomed by playing for our home team Dodgers.
    But oh well I wish him the best success in everything.
    P/S. Texas is where I was born so I’m ok with it I guess!!

  16. No way Seager is worth the same money as Tatis. He is always nicked up. His defense is not All-Star Caliber. He was out best left on left hitter with Muncy 2nd.

    Texas will run the day when they gave 500,000,000 to Seager and Semien. Where do they go for replacements when one or both get hurt. But I digress. We are better off with Mookie and Trey as the 1/2 hitter and let them create havoc on the bases.

  17. Seager wasn’t a great defensive ss. Also he was hurt too much. Good save for the bank account.

  18. As I’ve said previously, Friedman needs to extend T. Turner.
    It would be hard to justify trading Josiah Gray & Keibert Ruiz & the 2 other lower prospects for Scherzer & T. Turner & then have nothing to show from the deal after one and one quarter of a season. Hard to swallow!

  19. Even if we didn’t get Trea at the trade deadline, he still would’ve gone elsewhere since Scott Boras is his agent.

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