Dodgers: What Does LA’s Rotation Look Like Without Julio Urias?

Standout starter Julio Urias hit the 10-day IL on Saturday after getting hit on the calf during an at-bat on Friday against the New York Mets. The silver lining for the already short-handed Dodgers? The injury will give Urias’s left arm a much needed break.

Before the season started, Dodgers pitching coach Mark Prior characterized that letting Urias throw 200 innings in 2021 as “reckless”. Well, Urias was on pace to get damn close to that plateau (139.2 IP).

The Dodgers have always been cautious with the young starter and this season, even with four starters out, is no exception. Urias’s calf contusion is a low-risk, legitimate injury that the Dodgers leveraged into a 10-day IL stint. At the moment, Urias’s injury is a hindrance to the club, but the additional rest could end up being a big help to all involved come October.

Looking Ahead Without Urias

Another fortuitous circumstance is that the Dodgers will be hosting one of the worst teams in the league starting Monday – the Pittsburgh Pirates (42-76). Against a team like the Pirates, the Dodgers should still win the series. Even with a bullpen game and a Mitchell White start.

Following the Pirates series is a three game set against the Mets. Unlike the Pirates, the Mets shouldn’t be taken lightly as recent history proves. At the very least, the Dodgers will have a few days to strategize how they want to handle the backend of the rotation for next weekend.

Kershaw and Hamels are not options. Kershaw can return, if all goes well, from the 60-IL in early September. Hamels is still slated for a September return as he continues to build up for a starting role. Gonsolin is in the “infancy” of his rehabilitation to return to the team according to manager Dave Roberts.

Calling up a prospect (Andre Jackson) for a spot start might end up being the stop-gap solution.

Urias needed the rest to be at his best for the home stretch. Whether fans or the Dodgers like it or not, he’s getting it right now.

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Eric Eulau

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  1. Big assumption to think that October (except for a WC game) is a given, and anything can happen against any team in one game.

  2. The Dodgers cannot take beating Pittsburgh for granted , or anyone else for that matter , we know. A must , Just take each game one at a time , do not look ahead ! They must be more consistent at the plate , put pressure on the opposing team , as soon and as much possible , as the Dodgers are capable of doing this WIth this Dodger team ! Pitching will be lessened to stress , and hopefully without injury , will perform much better . Sounds great on paper let’s hope that this can be done on the field . More pitching help on the way !

    1. Surprisingly, several weeks ago, one of the few teams to actually win a series against the Giants was the Pirates who took 2 of 3 from S.F. at Oracle.
      Maybe it was a “trap” series since the Giants had just won their series against the Dodgers, but your point is well taken.
      The Dodgers need to get the offense in gear, the remainder of this series against Pittsburgh–no let up.

  3. “letting Urias throw 200 innings in 2021 as “reckless”. Well, Urias was on pace to get damn close to that plateau (139.2 IP).”

    139 is ‘damn close’ to 200??? I guess my 5’6”’ wife is damn close to 6ft tall.

  4. It looks like not enough that’s what it looks like. Let’s get it together already it’s august

  5. The series with the Mets is four games not three! The short handed staff will have four bullpen games not three over the seven day stretch.

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