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Gambler Makes $14 Million Betting On World Series; Won’t Bet On Game 7

It has been pretty difficult to watch this series without almost having a heart attack. Every night brings a new challenge, a new hero, and ultimately, a new victor. There is just no predicting this madness, though that’s exactly what one Las Vegas gambler has done.

The news originally broke on Tuesday when RJ Bell of the Associated Press tweeted this:

As we all know, the Dodgers ended up winning on Tuesday. This gave the gambler, who RJ Bell reported was under 30 years old and Eastern European, around $14 million to bet on Game 7 of the World Series. Unfortunately, he will walk away and keep his winnings.

These games have been stressful enough. I can’t imagine having millions of dollars on the line as well! If you were the bettor, would you have walked away or would you have bet it all? Let us know in the comments below!

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