MLB Network Ranks A Few Dodgers Unfavorably On Top 10 Right Now

Perhaps you are one of the folks who has been wrapped up in the MLB Network Top-10 Right Now series this offseason. While it ranked Dodgers such as Cody Bellinger and Clayton Kershaw fondly – that may not be the case for the following players. Still, to make this list at all is to say that you’re one of the finest at your position in the league.

However, when it comes to being a Los Angeles Dodgers player; some fans will only be happy with a top billing. Even if it comes from something that doesn’t exist in tangible form like ‘The Shredder’.

Let’s take a look at how Corey Seager fared amongst shortstops, and Kenley Jansen amongst relievers.

MLB Network Top-10 Right Now: Shortstops

When everything shook out, Seager was ranked as the seventh best shortstop in the game by ‘The Shredder’. If you’re wondering who took the top spot – it’s hard to argue with Francisco Lindor. The merit that Seager received should speak volumes towards his talents if anything. Seager missed most of the 2018 season and will hope to approach Opening Day 2019 at full strength.

MLB Network Top-10 Right Now: Relievers

Moreover, Kenley Jansen was left off the list entirely by ‘The Shredder’. Still, Jansen did make the last spot in the fan voting, and placed fifth by Brian Kenny while coming in ninth by Dan Plesac. While this is a far cry from where you might expect Jansen to be, he’s coming off the worst season of his big league career. It’s probably a fair assessment for the current time.

Indeed, Jansen needs to make 2019 about reclaiming his place of greatness within the game.

Your Thoughts on The Rankings

How do you feel about where Seager and Jansen were ranked by MLB Network? Is it fair? Would you have them higher? Leave your thoughts in the comments, along with what you expect from each in the 2019 season!

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  1. As they are essentially rating on Last Year, our society is obsessed with the immediate, I think those are fair ratings. I do not bother watching MLB or listening to the MLB broadcasts on radio as the East Coast Bias is stifling.
    Jansen did not pitch in the Spring often, that should have been a warning sign to the Club that he was not right. He was never his normal dominating self.
    Seager had Tommy John end of story…

    Having lived in Socal for many years I watched Simmons play as I could get the Angels on my TV!! I think he is in the top 3. The man has incredible range and overall ability and has become a very solid offensive threat. I find it hard to believe there are 4 guys better than Simmons…and I really do not believe Story is one of them.

    1. These people have no idea what they are doing in rating players . Who cares anyway . I guess they do somthey can drum up trade talks and get clicks.

      1. Maybe the Dodgers should win some championships for once and then east coasters can’t ignore them. That’s how it was for the giants. MLB was forced to talk about them

  2. Come on! We gotta have fairness some time. Seager hadn’t played in over a year and they’re rating him? If all goes well he’ll be one of the best again not just with his arm but with the bat too. Give Jansen a break, he was hurt also. Yes these are all if’s, if he gets healthy and works on everything he has to do he’ll be the best again. We’l just hope and pray.

    1. If Jansen is shown to be healthy, we should see a dramatic drop in the number of HR’s he allows. If Seager is good to go, he is one of perhaps only 2 LHB on this team that can compete against LHP. Therefore he and Bellinger should not need platooning.

  3. Maybe Roberts and the front office finally gets it right in the 2019 playoffs and only pitches Jansen in the only spot he pitched in during games in the past two regular seasons, which is the 9th inning ONLY. I don’t want to see him in the 8th….period!!!!

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