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MLB News: Top Free Agent Shortstop Hires Super Agent Scott Boras

MLB players can’t sign during the lockout, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get ready for when free agent resumes. Free agent shortstop Carlos Correa has reportedly hired Scott Boras to represent him moving forward.

Boras is a titan in the baseball industry. Boras Corporation has routinely negotiated the biggest contracts in baseball. The super agent was the driving force behind former Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager’s ten-year, $325M deal with the Texas Rangers.

Boras also negotiated the mega-contracts of Gerrit Cole ($324M/9yrs), Bryce Harper ($330M/13yrs), Anthony Rendon ($245M/7yrs), and Stephen Strasberg ($245M/7yrs).

All of this adds up to Correa hunting for the biggest deal possible once the free agency floodgates open.

Correa hiring Boras could have an affect on the Dodgers interest in the former Houston Asterisk. MLB expert Ken Rosenthal stated earlier this week that the Dodgers could throw their hat into the Correa sweepstakes.

“Who knows, they could even get involved in (Carlos) Correa. They’ll have money to burn.”

To put it lightly, Correa is not exactly well regarded by Dodgers players and fans alike after his profanity riddled response to the Dodgers ripping the Houston players for their role in the Asterisk’s sign stealing scandal.

Inserting Correa into the Dodgers clubhouse is an interesting proposition. A Dr. Phil mediation session might be a must.

On the field, Correa has been one of the best shortstops since his MLB debut in 2015. He ranks third in wRC+ (128), second in RBI (489), and sixth in OPS (.836). Correa also leads all qualified shortstops in defensive runs saved (DRS) during that time with 20.

One would also assume that the Dodgers current All-Star shortstop, Trea Turner, would also need to be on board with bringing in Correa. Adding Correa would spell a return to second base for Turner.

If the Dodgers want him, it’s not going to be cheap.

Say what you want about Boras, but he always secures the bag for his clients.

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Eric Eulau

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  1. The fans don’t want him, the players don’t want him and now Boras is gonna run his price to $350M. What part of this picture is supposed to make long term sense to the Dodgers?

  2. If I were an owner I would have nothing to do with Boras. He is interested only in his own pocket. He could well be the best kept secret in baseball- the richest person in America

    Switching gears, I saw my first baseball game at Ebbets Field in August 1940. back in the days when bleacher seat were 25 cents and a stadium hot dog a dime. General admission I think was a dollar for a great seat. If the current labor debate goes past opening day I will never go to another game. Two sides of spoiled brats trying to get their way and, in the end, the the ones who suffer are the paying fans. Now in the East $7.50 for a swig of bottled water, $35-50 for a decent seat, and an outing to the ballpark for a family of four exceeding $400 before the kids finish all their purchases. A few more $325-350 million contracts and we will see a quantum leap in those costs and even more commercials on TV while an inning is in progress

    I think may American workers already marvel at the fact a young kid who can run, hit, field and throw a small round bal is making almost $600,000. That is more than most Americans will ever see in a one year salary but we are expected to pay to watch a $10,000,000 man perform and if a pitcher go at best 6 innings? Anything wrong with that picture?

    1. Yes Jim: A lot is wrong with this picture. Players are making millions because the owners are making billions. And nobody buys a ticket to see the owners. To only attack the players is to ignore the most important part of the equation. And there is no equivalency between the market for Baseball in 1940 and the state of the game today. Television didn’t even exist for example… And the players union is seeking to help the middle class of baseball players. The players union refusing to sign the owners offer has nothing with players like Mookie Bettes? Mike Trout or Corey Seager.

  3. Why would we trade for Turner and then sign Correa? It made little sense before Boras entered the picture and even less now. Signing Correa would require dealing with two people who are bad for L.A..
    Kinda sounds like Correa’s market is down to Chicago and maybe the Yankees. Too bad, so sad.

  4. Dodgers usually don’t retain any of Boras clients. And no need at all to even consider Correa.

  5. “Say what you want about Boras, but he always secures the bag for his clients.”

    Exactly. And I’m a Dodger fan (from “Ven-CH-ura) , not a Correa or Boras one.

    So he take his ‘bag’,elsewhere.

  6. “Say what you want about Boras, but he always secures the bag for his clients.”

    Exactly. And I’m a Dodger fan (from “Ven-CH-ura) , not a Correa or Boras one.

    So he take his ‘bag’,elsewhere.

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