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Dodger Notes: Outman Unsure, Mookie at 2nd, Kershaw Gaming the System, Shohei the Money & More

The Dodgers wrapped the weekend against their Camelback roommates, the Chicago White Sox with Mookie making an amazing play. We also got a chance to see Clayton Kershaw throw a few pitches with the pitch clock and despite his amazing stats, James Outman just doesn’t know.

In case you had a busy day, don’t worry because we got you covered right here:

What’s going on with Dodgers Social Media?

Who are the Dodgers playing this week?

March 6 – Padres at 12:05p PT

March 8 – Mariners at 5:05p PT

March 9 – Athletics at 12:05p PT

March 10 – Angels at 12:05p PT

March 11 – Cubs at 12:05p PT

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