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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Gives His Thoughts on MLB Lockout

Instead of kicking off spring training this week, MLB is entrenched in a lockout. MLB and the MLBPA haven’t made much, if any, progress on the new CBA. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts doesn’t foresee the lockout ending anytime soon.

Former Dodgers play-by-play announcer Ross Porter reported that Roberts isn’t exactly optimistic about spring training starting in a timely manner.

“Just talked with Dave  Roberts. He thinks the  lockout will continue for a while and agrees with me  that both sides are trying to improve their images in  public relations.”

In an inevitable turn of events, both MLB and MLBPA have tried to curry favor with the baseball public. After failing to submit a counterproposal they had promised the players’ association, the league requested federal mediation for future bargaining sessions. MLB believes mediation will expedite the process.

The MLBPA declined the request and multiple players sounded off on the league’s PR stunt. The players contend that a deal can be reached with just the two parties involved. They also believe that the league has failed to negotiate in earnest and is now attempting to demonize the players for blocking the insertion of a mediator.

Roberts has previously admitted that not being able to communicate with his Dodgers players has been difficult for the skipper. Roberts’s ability to build relationships with his players has long been one of his strengths.

Doc doesn’t have any role in the CBA negotiations, but likely has more insights than the rest of us.

Some big developments would have to happen in the coming weeks for Roberts and the Dodgers to reunite at Camelback Ranch this month.

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