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Dodgers: Kershaw Ready for a July Return, Vin Scully Takes a Fall, Red Sox Punishment, and More!

One of the pleasant surprises of this quarantine has been Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser’s podcast. Just three episodes in and Dodgers fans are already hooked on the duo’s stories and opinions, as well as their time with Dave Roberts every episode. 

This week, ‘Jorel’ featured Dodgers’ left-handed pitcher Clayton Kershaw and talked about his life without baseball in it. As it turns out, Kershaw is one of the few guys around baseball that is physically able to stay game ready and says he will be ready for a potential July return. 

This past week I started to ramp up again these past two days with the thought of a potential, may, July start date or something like that. That’s kind of just what’s in my head. 

Kershaw also took the time to talk about the Dodgers’ recent acquisition of Mookie Betts and David Price. In his mind, this was supposed to be the year that Los Angeles went for it all. Kershaw spoke on what it would mean to lose a year of Mookie Betts and David Price should the season be called off entirely. 

In other news, Thursday morning started with a scare as Vin Scully took a tumble at his home and had to be hospitalized. The Dodgers’ 92-year-old legend is apparently doing just fine and was even well enough to crack a joke about sliding headfirst. 

From sad news to even more depressing news, the Red Sox finally got the punishment that they deserved. Sort of. The Commissioner’s office handed down a penalty to the Boston franchise for their role in an electronic sign cheating scandal from 2018. 

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