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Dodgers Knew They Were Risking Further Injury With Clayton Kershaw

The Dodgers will be finishing up this year without Clayton Kershaw. And for the first time in a very long time, they will head into the postseason without him taking the mound for them at all. That is the most likely scenario right now. 

After coming out of the game on Friday night, the Dodgers placed Kershaw on the injured list on Saturday. The fear right now is that the injury to his forearm is something serious that could potentially require major surgery. 

But as Dave Roberts revealed during his pregame on Saturday, the Dodgers knew this was a possibility. Given the injury that had held him out for a decent chunk of the year, Doc said that they knew him hurting himself worse was something that could happen. 

Yeah, I think we all knew the possibility that it could get to this point. He was determined to do everything that he could in his power to see this thing through this year, to be a part of it as he noted last night. Unfortunately, it gave way last night but we kind of knew the possibility that this might happen. 

Ultimately, it sounds like it came down to Kershaw wanting to push through and finish out this season. Dodgers fans know the competitor that he is and that he will never back down from the opportunity to pitch. 

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Now the only thing left to do is to determine the severity of the injury. If Kershaw faces the dreaded Tommy John surgery, will he want to continue to pitch? 

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  1. If Kershaw needs TJ surgery, what would the outlook be for his impending free agency? Would a team take him on knowing he would be out for at least all of next season? Would the Dodgers offer to bid for him because of his favorite son status? Would it be time for him to retire?

  2. He does the TJ surgery and comes back fine next season. Do we offer him a contract? I hope so. Maybe 3 years. I don’t see anyone giving him a long contract for $100MM. Definitely the Dodgers should bring him back. He’ll be fine by April.

  3. My guess, Dodgers and Kershaw knew the seriousness of his injury, whether he pitched or not made no difference to the prognosis and future medical procedure. Kershaw’s decision whether he wanted to try and pitch. Now, he must decide whether he wants to go through the procedure and rehab.

    1. I think I agree. I think they knew the damage was done and surgery would be required, with or without a defining incident. And now Kershaw has to decide whether to get the procedure done or retire. I think he should get the surgery even though he won’t be up to speed for 2 years, and will be 35 when he is, simply because he has nothing to lose. It’s either that or retire. May as well give it a shot. How to structure a deal to incorporates this would be up to AF. I don’t think anyone else will pursue Kershaw in his current state. TJ surgery has improved pitchers in the past. It could give Kershaw a few more years.

  4. Man! Certainly bad news. Hope he gets that MRI like right now. If he needs surgery he will be down for a whole season. From all the sources around the game, it sounded like he would resign with us.

  5. Get the surgery immediately. Could be back by Spring Training 2023. At least by the All Star Break 2023. AF will work out the details.

  6. As unfortunate as this news is for Kersh and the Dodgers, this helps keep him in Dodger blue. Doubt any other team will sign him now and wait a year plus until he is healthy enough to contribute. But the Dodgers owe to him and will, without doubt, offer him a fair contract considering he will be out of commission for a while. Kersh will retire a Dodger.

  7. If we get May and Ferguson back next year, we should be fine. Then there is also Kahnle. Who knows what we might have regarding Hammels so I won’t accuse him of anything. I personally think that we can move on from Alexander at this point. Let’s pray that Cody steps it up big time in Max’s absence.

    1. Who are you kidding? He would most certainly retire before signing with the Rangers! I don’t care if he is from Texas.

      1. You have to admit, he is not the same pitcher that he used to be. They should instead focus on resigning Scherzer. Scherzer > Kershaw in every way possible.

  8. Well…..he knew it…..the Dodger organization knew it and still they both agreed to have him pitch. A very big mistake especially known to people or athletes who have had serious injuries and pushed the recovery time. I myself was one of them and had to find a “new career” as Dr. Franklin Jobe told me before the op. lights went out. That’s the way it goes. A sad way to end a career but…what a wonderful career he had. Sure, the Dodgers could give him another contract to keep his spirits going but let’s face it….The CK that the fans loved will always hold strong, but he should also entertain the thoughts of life after the ‘game’.

  9. I don’t know if him taking the game ball when he got pulled was a subtle, unconscious move. I think he knows he may be done and maybe he can become their new pitching coach as Mark Prior needs to find a new job outside of baseball.

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