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Dodgers: LA Has Big Competition in Freddie Freeman Sweepstakes

As a big market team flush with cash, the Dodgers are annually linked to big-name free agents. This winter is no exception. Time and time again, it’s been reported that the Dodgers are very much in the running for first baseman Freddie Freeman.

Apparently, the Dodgers aren’t the only premier MLB franchise vying for Freeman’s services. MLB Network’s Jon Heyman reveled another potential suitor for the superstar slugger.

The speculation around the league is that Freeman is frustrated with the Atlanta Braves pedantic approach to his free agency. The Braves failure to re-sign their slugger prior to the December 1st lockout has opened the door to other clubs getting involved. Potentially pissing off a franchise cornerstone typically isn’t a good idea.

As a Brave, Freeman was a four-time All-Star, three-time Silver Slugger, one-time Gold Glover, and won the 2020 NL MVP.

Adding a recent league MVP is always a plus for any ball club, but Max Muncy’s season-ending elbow injury adds even more intrigue to the idea of Freeman signing with the Dodgers.

At this time, it’s unknown whether or not Muncy would be available for Opening Day. Signing Freeman would provide Muncy as much time as he needs to fully recover. The Dodgers could easily plug Muncy in at second base once he’s ready. This isn’t asking Joc Pederson to play first; Muncy played 68 games at second base in 2019.

The DH could also be in play for Muncy if MLB and the MLBPA agree to utilizing the universal DH in the new CBA.

Once the MLB lockout is over [insert Rob Manfred joke here], the chase for Freddie Freeman is sure to heat up.

Now we know that the Dodgers aren’t the only big fish trying to reel in Freddie Freeman.

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Eric Eulau

Born and raised in Ventura, not "Ven-CH-ura", California. Favorite Dodger Stadium food is the old school chocolate malt with the wooden spoon. Host of the Dodgers Nation 3 Up, 3 Down Podcast.


  1. The Dodgers need to stop spending stupid money.I’m good with Muncy returning at first when he’s healed up.A healthy Rios who also plays third is an option and Bellinger.No more West Coast Yankees!

  2. Ahhhh, but you never pass on a player like this. Great fit in the clubhouse, and great fit in the LA market off the field. Not to mention his on-field credentials. If you have a chance to sign a player like this, you do it. Max can play 2B, and Lux can be the utility guy.

    In a letter to AF, I proposed a scenario that I use in stock trading: buy low and sell high. You got Muncy for nothing. You got a lot of ‘dividend payments’ out of him. Time to trade him (at the deadline) and get back a nice return. JMO

  3. The Dodgers don’t have “big competition” because we aren’t even going after a 32yo first baseman for 6 years. It’s not the Friedman and Company way. We have to get better bench depth and rotation depth. We aren’t going to waste money until those are done. With Muncy and Bellinger available at 1B, there’s no sane reason to spend $180M when you have other needs. Not to mention in the near future signing Trea Turner needs to happen, Buehler needs to be signed, and Urias needs to be signed. Throwing $180M at Freeman just doesn’t make sense at a position they already have coverage for. If Muncy can’t start the year there, expect Bellinger to be there instead of CF.

    1. All good points concerning Freeman and other Dodger needs, bench and starters. But nobody gets signed until this lockout ends and that looks not to be happening any time soon.

  4. When the lockout is over what happens next? Think about it, how would you plan?
    My guess is that GM’s have already been talking w each other and have trades ready to go. I expect a flurry of transactions in the first week after the lockout ends. Most teams, the Dodgers for example, have to make trades first to open up spots on their 40 man roster. Once that happens they can turn to the free agent list and fill whatever holes they still have.
    Thats when we’ll know who won the trade market and if they even need Freeman. Some teams will be caught off guard by what happens. Probably a good number of free agents will go unsigned by the first day of spring training.This has been a trend in recent years and this year probably dictates it will happen more.

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