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Dodgers Poll: Offseason Moves Earn Low Marks from Fans Up to This Point

They say a good attorney never asks a question he or she doesn’t already know the answer to. A lawyer’s job is to get things on the record, so they ask questions just so the witness can give the answer for the record.

Running fan polls here at Dodgers Nation follows the same principle, sometimes. We know how people feel, but we need to ask the question to get the answer on record.

In that spirit, we asked our readers to grade L.A.’s offseason so far, and the results are not shocking (although the poll is still open at this moment, so maybe you’ll surprise us).

At this writing, just 3.1% of fans have given the Dodgers an A, while more than half (50.3%) have graded them at a C. The rest is split between B (17.5%) and F (29%). There’s no choice for D, because Twitter polls only allow four options.

It’s understandable, really, why few fans have given high grades. Watching Trea Turner walk away for a huge contract, Cody Bellinger and Justin Turner leaving for less-huge contracts, and the Giants and Padres both going all in on improving their teams, it’s easy to come away unimpressed with L.A.’s offseason.

We’ve been here before, though. Three years ago, we watched as Gerrit Cole rebuffed the Dodgers to sign with the Yankees, Stephen Strasburg stayed home with the Nationals, and Anthony Rendon was so uninterested in Los Angeles that the team didn’t even make him an offer. It seemed like a pretty bleak time. Then, two months later, Andrew Friedman traded for Mookie Betts, who led L.A. to its first World Series title in 32 years.

There’s probably not a Mookie-level trade coming, but it’s worth remembering the offseason isn’t over yet, and that free agency isn’t the only way to build a team (or even the best way, sometimes). Chances are, the Dodgers won’t win as many games in 2023 as they did in 2022, but that was going to be true no matter what they did this offseason. Friedman has proven he’s pretty good at what he does, so I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt and let him cook.

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Jeff Snider

Jeff was born into a Dodgers family in Southern California and is now raising a Dodgers family of his own in Utah. During his previous career as an executive at a technology company, he began writing about baseball in his spare time. After leaving corporate America in 2014, he started doing it professionally. Jeff wrote and edited for Baseball Essential for years before joining Dodgers Nation. He's also the co-host of the Locked On Dodgers podcast, a daily podcast that brings the smart fan's perspective on our Boys in Blue. Jeff has a degree in English from Brigham Young University. Favorite Player: Clayton Kershaw Favorite Moment: Kirk Gibson's homer will always have a place, but Kershaw's homer on Opening Day 2013 might be the winner.


  1. I guess they are hoping for the younger players to step up! Big question? Only time will tell. However. Never would have let JT go!

  2. We still haven’t won a real WS since 1988. 2020 should have an asterisk stating “Not a real season/not a real title”

    1. Frankly, the 2020 season could have been historic for all of baseball had it been able to complete a full 162 game season. The Dodgers ended with a .717 season, which computes to more than 116 wins in a full season. We can only imagine.

    2. 2022 was legitimate. I don’t hear folks saying that 1981 doesn’t count because there was a strike. If everyone plays by the same rules, it counts (which is why 2017 shouldn’t count).

      1. Keep trying to make yourself feel better with your ridiculous justifications. 2020 does NOT satisfy the need for a WS championship. 34 years and still waiting.

  3. Dodgers woefully passed on opportunities to sign GENERATIONAL players such as Boegarts and even Trea Turner (who was a perfect 5-tool Dodger). Should have also signed Rodon, a proven starter. AS of now, we have no high-caliber shortstop or centerfielder. Yipes! KAT

  4. There will be no BIG signing or trade this winter. The team wants to stay under the Luxury tax. They want to reset the table in hopes of getting Origami after the 2023 season.. They will depend on the farm system and major leaguers on their way out, at reduced salaries, to plug any holes. Probably will be fighting SD for the division championship. And even getting by them, then the NY Mets, and if the W/S,
    Then the Yanks,Astros,, and whoever. It will be a long hard season, and maybe not even a post season.

  5. Even if the team’s inaction this year is proven right, you have to feel sorry for the marketing folks because the “bad buzz” is so thick you can cut it with a baseball bat.

  6. What is there to comment on.. they still have a manger who can’t win big games.. and a front office that is horrible..and give away good players and keep or sign has beens they hope to revive..while raising the cost to see them play.. it is all a horrible joke.. and it is on the fans

  7. If the Dodgers are trying to nail down third place in the NL West in 2023, I think they’ve made all the right moves so far. More and more the Dodger’s management is apparently using the script from the 1989 movie, “Major League”. If they sign Charlie Sheen, we’ll know for sure.

  8. It’s now the Raydgers. Andy back to dumpster diving and reclaim projects like Noah and JD. Not to mention some of those other 30+ beauties he’s unearthing

  9. To some degree we are all news junkies. I love to watch a front office build a team for the next season; it gives us hope, fodder and entertainment. This off-season is all about the CBT and what we spent the last two seasons. It’s further complicated by the Bauer appeal. It’s not that far-fetched to project that an arbiter could reduce his suspension. We’ll know soon. Andrew’s hands are tied financially…leaving him with trades as his primary tool. That, of course, is complicated by the fact that we have a bunch, really a bunch, of untested, near ready prospects and we have been smacked twice in recent years by the Cruz and Alvarez deals. The bottom line is we’re building toward more in-season adjustments to the roster than usual. We should brace ourselves for the high cost of doing business that way. Regardless, it’s too soon to judge our front office’s approach to the 2023 season IMHO. We can all go to sleep now on this for the holidays. Boring!

  10. Yes the joke is on the fans paying the most and highest prices in the league. It’s a great business model. We should be soooo happy to now put away the Dodgers hats and hope the Rams rebuild next year

  11. You are absolutely right on that one!! All they are doing is making their pockets bigger. All Dodgers fans ought to boycott and find something else to spend our hard earned money on

  12. Fan since 1959 and have never felt this low about my team. I’ll be watching more of others next season.

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