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Dodgers: Why Mookie Betts Will Play in Los Angeles Next Year

The biggest fear for every Dodgers fan right now is that our team traded away a whole lot of talent for nothing if the season is called off. But with everything that is happening with baseball right now resulted in Mookie staying in Los Angeles?

We discussed this possibility recently on the Blue Heaven Podcast and determined that Mookie Betts will in fact remain with the Dodgers. 

With everything going on in baseball, it seems likely that all teams in the MLB are going to be struggling financially in some way. Absorbing the ticket loss of what would normally be at least 81 home games is tough, and it doesn’t really get any better when you’re playing a 50-game season without fans. That’s where the Dodgers find themselves in a perfect spot. 

Mookie Betts was reportedly offered a contract extension by the Red Sox somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 million. Betts turned that offer down, obviously hoping to do a little better than that in free agency. Unfortunately for Betts, but fortunate for the Dodgers, is that teams likely aren’t going to be as willing to offer big contracts with the uncertainty of 2020 and beyond 2021.

Some Dodgers fans, myself included in that, believe that Mookie will take a short term deal in hopes that the market resets itself. A one or even two year deal with a high annual average seems like the most reasonable thing for Betts to do, in my opinion. But other fans out there have suggested otherwise. 

Taking an eight-year contract like that could also be appealing for Betts, assuming the Dodgers choose to offer it. With the uncertainty of baseball’s future, Betts might want to take the guaranteed money rather than risking a year to reset the market. To be determined on that one. 

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  1. Wow! Betts was offered a contract extension of $10 million. No wonder he turned that down!

  2. Although i live in Massachusetts, i hope the Dodger fans get to see Mookie play for them. They deserve it for the trade they made.

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