Dodgers: In-Depth Stadium Renovation Update, Kershaw Says No to MLB Plans, Hope for Mookie, and More!

Living with no Dodgers baseball on the week of MLB’s annual Jackie Robinson day was a tough pill to swallow. Moreover, during the week, the team’s official YouTube channel gave us a real treat — a visit to Dodger Stadium.

But wait, they weren’t done!

They gave us Vin Scully on the call.

Dodger Stadium Renovation: Vin Scully Talks Us Through Ballpark Construction

For the first time there, they gave us a current view of the new underbelly of the pavilions. If you’d like a more comprehensive bird’s eye view of the ballpark, we also have you covered.

Dodger Stadium Renovation: A Recent Comprehensive Aerial View of the Ballpark

Unfortunately, as much as we all want to be at Dodger Stadium, chances are getting bleak that it happens in 2020.

Dodgers: Governor Newsom Dashes Hopes For Summer Baseball

But baseball is really doing it’s part to get the game going again…

MLB Teams, Players, and Employees Participating in Massive Coronavirus Study

MLB News: Proposed All-Arizona Idea Would Not Be for the Entire Season

…even if Clayton Kershaw hates it.

Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Would Not Isolate in Arizona to Play

With Kersh among MLB stars that would dig their feet into the sand, we discuss the implications it has on younger, less established players.

Dodgers: Will Veteran Stars Hold Back Rookie Players? MLB Divided on Biosphere Plan

As things stand to get more tense in the will they, wont they 2020 MLB season, Mookie Betts — who could leave LA without ever suiting up for the Dodgers — gave us a small sliver of hope.

Dodgers: One Mookie Betts Quote Gives Fans Hope

Stay tuned, Dodgers Nation… big things will be coming soon for all of us.

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  1. Hi,
    What about all the Levy Concession Workers, Ushers,Ticket Takers,Security and the rest getting paid out of that 1 Million Dollar Fund allocated per MLB.

  2. I know it looks bad for the Dodgers and baseball season but I say hold on guys don’t give up yet. So we get the season started where ever they say, with no fans. It won’t be right but it’s a start. And yes I agree, all the people that were and are helping with every other thing in Dodger stadium should get paid whether it was part-time or full. Let’s pray things will get better soon.

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