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Dodgers News: Baseball Returns, Toles Resurfaces, 60-Man Roster Talk, DH, and More

It was an otherwise great week for Dodgers fans! Baseball announced that it is coming back and LA was set to start out on a 60 game season in 2020.

Unfortunately, there was some unfortunate news first. It had been a while since fans last saw a favorite… Andrew Toles had fallen off the radar and it was assumed he just walked away from the game. Turns out, it was a lot sadder than that.

Former Dodgers Outfielder Andrew Toles Has Resurfaced in an Unfortunate Way

Thankfully the community came together and reports were that the Dodgers, MLB, and the MLBPA were set to help the 28-year-old out of Georgia.

Dodgers: An Update On Andrew Toles After His Arrest

Our hearts go out to Tolesy and we hope he finds and accepts the help he may need during these difficult times.

In more positive news, spring training 2.0 is coming this week and LA made its first steps toward getting ready for the season.

Dodgers Officially Set Their 60-Man Player Pool With Some Surprises

Currently, however, the roster is short of 60 players. So we had some ideas on who Andrew Friedman needs to add.

Dodgers: Ideal Changes to the Current Player Pool

It’s worth noting that these two players won’t be earning a 60-man spot.

Dodgers: Minor League Players Suspended for PED and Drug Violations

The DH is coming is 2020 and fans all around baseball are generally split.

MLB: Fans Are Split on the Universal Designated Hitter

So is LA swingman Ross Stripling.

Dodgers: Ross Stripling Has Mixed Feelings on the New DH Rule

In fun news, it turns out that manager Dave Roberts is just like most Dodger fans when it comes to those players weekend uniforms from last season.

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Hates on the Player’s Weekend Uniforms

Part of the new rules for 2020 is a strange extra inning rule. However, Andrew Friedman sees mostly positives from the rule.

Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Thinks Extra Inning Rule Will Help

The Dodgers report for spring training 2.0 on Wednesday with the first full workout set for Friday. The official season schedule should be dropping sometime soon with LA’s new opening day targeted for July 23 or 24.

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