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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts “Shocked” About Julio Urias Situation

Since news emerged from the weekend concerning Julio Urias’ arrest on domestic violence charges, many fans, players and members of the Dodger organization shared their thoughts on the development that nobody expected.

Among those asked for thoughts or comment was manager Dave Roberts who, like many, was surprised about the news off the field about one of his starters this year.

Roberts added that the situation was “very unfortunate” and said the club was waiting for MLB to complete its investigation before making any additional statements.

In what’s been a frustrating campaign for the former Cy Young finalist from the previous two years, Urias’ 2023 season on the field wasn’t going as well as he’d hoped.

Giving up at least five runs in his two most recent starts, Urias’ rise in both home run rate and visible frustrations on the mound have reared their ugly head as his season ERA climbed to an ugly 4.60 rate.

Injured earlier in the season, Urias’ on field struggles now seem like a walk in the park compared to the trouble he’s gotten into with law enforcement as a result of his off the field actions.

Already suspended in 2019 relating to a previous domestic violence dispute, the LA organization controversially gave him a second chance.

Though Urias’ contributions for the roster from 2020’s World Series winning team to 2022 were great, such performances will surely be a distant memory from his lasting legacy with the franchise due to his clear issues off the field.

Already placed on administrative leave from the team and absent from their current road trip to Miami, a court date has been set for Urias and his time with the Dodgers, let alone MLB, is now seriously in question.

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We wish to extend our support for the victim in the situation and hope that those struggling with similar issues can receive the necessary help and aid that they deserve.


  1. Yeah, Julio is done as a Dodger. We learned our lesson last year and it cost alot. Too bad but at least the Dodgers can focus on other free agents without baggage. Really unfortunate. I don’t understand. The Dodgers were really good to him.

  2. I am a really big fan of Urias and this is unfortunate. Hopefully he gets the counseling/help hr needs to deal with his DV issues. For the victim in this matter know that I support you. For no one should lay hands on you.

  3. I hope you’re right. I don’t expect the Dodger players to be saints, but batting women around is way beyond the pale. Such could only be toxic in the clubhouse, but the correct reason for saying ‘so long’ is the morality of it. I say the following not out of spite but out of history – like Osuna, he could wind up with the Astros.

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