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Freddie Freeman, Mookie Betts, Dodgers Reveal Which Hollywood Actors They Want to Play Them in Movies

As the Dodgers players strolled into camp at Camelback Ranch this week, they were asked a simple question: “Which actor would play you in a movie?” Their responses were varied, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes funny, and always interesting. We also discovered that Denzel Washington is very popular and doesn’t need a last name.

Mookie Betts: “Denzel.”

Freddie Freeman: “Probably George Clooney because he’s the most beautiful, like me.”

Clayton Kershaw: “Matt Damon.”

Will Smith: “I think it’s pretty obvious.” (This was low-key the most hilarious response of the group.)

Max Muncy: “Chris Pratt.”

Gavin Lux: “Titanic. Leonardo DiCaprio.” (Titanic came out when Lux was 26 days old.)

Julio Urias: “¿Cómo se llama el de Sandlot? El Bambino.” (We’re pretty sure Julio was choosing Patrick Renna, who played Hamilton “Ham” Porter on The Sandlot, aka “The Great Hambino.”)

Miguel Vargas: “Will Smith.” (Presumably the actor, not the catcher or the pitcher.)

Brusdar Graterol: “The Rock.”

Dustin May: “Probably Chris Hemsworth. Long hair.”

Dave Roberts: “My dream would be Denzel.”

Evan Phillips: “Chris Evans. Captain America.” (I never would have made that connection, but I can totally see it.)

Bobby Miller: “Seth Rogen.”

Miguel Rojas: “Oh, that’s easy: Will Smith.”

Victor Gonzalez: “Jackie Chan.” (That makes us wonder what kind of movie they’d be making about Victor and what skills he’s been hiding from us.)

Yency Almonte: “Denzel.”

JD Martinez: “Channing Tatum.”

Alex Vesia: “Tom Cruise. Top Gun.”

Diego Cartaya: “Denzel Washington.”

Tony Gonsolin: “Robert Downey Jr.”

Phil Bickford: “Owen Wilson.” (Again, not super obvious until you think about it for half a second.)

Jason Heyward: “Denzel.”

David Peralta: “Well, one of my favorite actors is Jim Carrey.”

Caleb Ferguson: “I would hope for Will Ferrell, maybe.”

Justin Bruihl: “Ryan Reynolds.”

Ryan Pepiot: “Ashton Kutcher.”

Michael Busch: “Chris Pratt. I’d go with him, I like him.”

James Outman: “Kit Harrington.”

Andre Jackson: “Denzel. Maybe Will Smith.”

Gavin Stone: “Adam Sandler.”

There you have it. Thirty Dodgers selected 22 different actors. Four of them chose Denzel Washington and three chose Will Smith, and then Andre Jackson couldn’t decide so he took them both. Besides them, Chris Pratt was the only actor chosen more than once. We also have four Avengers represented and two guys from Ocean’s Eleven.

Not a bad group, and we’d love to see this movie.

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