Why The Dodgers Shouldn’t Trade Yasiel Puig

So the reasons to part ways with Puig make sense. The Dodgers could most likely get a more than respectable return for a player who is young, on a super club-friendly contract, and who’s talent is out of this world.

You simply don’t trade a guy like that simply to rid the organization of a headache — especially when you probably won’t get back proper value.

However, if the Dodgers were to trade Puig this winter, they would be parting with the best outfielder currently on the roster. Regardless of the package he would bring back to Los Angeles, relying on Puig and hoping that new manager Dave Roberts can relate to Puig and fix some of the issues he is bringing to the clubhouse is the more intelligent move.

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If the Dodgers were to move Puig, they would certainly be committed to keeping one of either Andre Ether or Carl Crawford, who are far less reliable on the field than Puig. They cost much more money, and the Dodgers should not put too much stock into aging players that, in the past, have had injury history (Crawford, especially).

Puig’s trade value, in fact, may be at an all time low. He missed the majority of the 2015 season with a number of hamstring injuries, and with all of the news coming about his off the field troubles, it is possible teams will operate from the negotiating standpoint of, “Hey. They want to get rid of this guy, let’s buy low.” These clubs would be intelligent to do so, but the Dodgers must prove to be reluctant in such discussions.

The decision to trade Puig is not so cut and dry. It is going to involve a lot of complex decision making from the Dodgers front office. However, I believe it is not in the Dodgers best interest to deal Yasiel Puig this offseason. The time is not right. If they are interested in moving an outfielder, they should hold off on Puig for one more season. Why?  Well, maybe Dave Roberts can tap into Puig and make him a much more friendly teammate whom the Dodgers clubhouse will be proud to embrace. It’s possible Puig and Roberts will have a much more organic relationship than he and Don Mattingly had.

Yasiel Puig starting in right field for the Dodgers on Opening Day, and throughout the 2016 season makes them a better team. I think the Dodgers know that, and certainly, a large percentage of Dodgers fans know that. If he is indeed traded this offseason, it will be instead because the franchise could not put up with his off the field antics any longer, and will be getting a package in return that will benefit the Dodgers now, and in future seasons.

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