Dodgers Fans: Give It Time, They Will Get This Figured Out

The first day of financial negotiations did not go well, to say the least. MLB owners present their economic plan to the Player’s Union, to which they replied with seeming absolute disgust. That being said, baseball fans(and Dodgers fans) have really been feeling down for the last 24 hours. 

And that feeling is understandable. While major sports around the country have started to put together plans to get their respective leagues going, baseball fans thought we were getting close. Rumors of possible start dates flew around for weeks, with the fourth of July being the most popular anticipated start date. 

But I still do not believe there is any reason to give up on a possible baseball season just yet. I still firmly believe that at some point, we’ll get to see our Dodgers take the field, even if it’s not in-person. 

Simply put, there are too many things working against Major League Baseball beyond this year for them to NOT play a season in 2020. Specifically, I think the current collective bargaining agreement will likely be the deciding factor in getting a season going. 

Even before COVID-19 started to shut down the sports world, those deeply involved in baseball were starting to worry about the CBA expiring after the 2021 season. Disputes between the players and owners have been growing since it was signed in November of 2016, and things have really gone downhill in the last two years. 

Players were already hoping for a number of huge changes in negotiating a new agreement with the league, even before baseball was shut down. Players within the league have long felt that the current luxury tax situation serves as a salary cap and that ownership could be heavily incentivized to NOT win games, or ‘tanking’. The fact that big-name free agents often have to wait until the very last moment to sign their deals is holding up the market for every other free agent. 

All of those things in mind, it’s safe to say that regardless of how 2020 shapes up, the owners are going to have to give in a little bit with the new CBA. And what better way to get into the good graces of the Player’s Union than by making some sacrifices and meeting them halfway this year? 

The first offer from the owners was bad, even I know that. But something to remember is that this is still a business, and the owners are doing everything they can to get the best deal for themselves as possible. So yes, the deal was bad, but it will certainly not be their final offer. 

Keep your heads up Dodgers fans, don’t lose hope just yet. 

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  1. What is the point of a season with no fans? A world series no one can go to? It’s not even worth it. And to think this fanless season would include the UNGODLY dh. No. Absolutely not! This is a trash idea. Flush this garbage. Come back next year and drown the dh

    1. Many of us don’t go to games because we don’t or no longer live in cities with teams. I left LA over 30 years ago. In that time I have been to Dodger stadium 8 really great times. I follow the team by streaming MLB TV. So I agree, No Fans is not a deal breaker. I’m not saying the energy won’t be missed. But KBO is doing it, Japan is planning games to start June 19th, no fans. These are countries where fans make us look like quiet mice. I suspect that cynicism and inflexibility from MLB fans in the US will disintegrate once games are played. If they are played, I plan to enjoy it.

  2. Looks like the fans on this site are smarter than on mlbtraderumors where they are so desperate they think no fans, an 81 game season and mixed up divisions is a legitimate season and postseason

    1. I don’t get why you are so Cynical Don. Your baseball takes are sound. We all want the same thing. We want to see games. That shouldn’t be a cause for dismissive takes on “fans” who are not concerned about what does or what does not matter or count. 9-11, games stoped and everyone was on board. Games resumed and life/baseball seemed to go on. 3,000+ people died in those attacks. A horrible moment in US history. However, at this point over 100,000 people have died from Covid in 4 months. Thats 25,000 people a month! The impact on sports entertainment is clear. NBA, NHL, NCAA, Little League world series, College World Series all cancelled. The fact that MLB players are wiling to salvage the season is a great starting point. And if they say no, power to them for setting a standard for the rest of us who are concerned about working under conditions of a worldwide pandemic. It won’t be the same as a 162 game season. But so what. This year is an exception to the rule. Have some fun.

  3. All about control……..Dodgers since they are in Commufornia get the raw end of the stick….I say let any Pro team play ball that is still in the United States….Dodgers can go sell Crop dusting Masks to the sheep..

    1. What teams in what states are playing right now smart one? And I bet you’re one of those people who does nothing but complain about California yet you still live here and will never leave because you’re full of it. All you do is look for opportunities to inject your far right Sean Hannity Rush Limbaugh Alex Jones wack job theories on a baseball site

  4. I’m getting 25% of my pay and struggling to get by while the MLB players have been home living in La La Land. Reality jolt from the owners offer shows the seriousness of a season in doubt. It can be safe to play, and the players can take less or nothing at all if their greed wins out…

  5. Any baseball over no baseball. Can’t be any worse then 2017, the year of the stolen title. Maybe allowing one fan per seating section and a crowd soundtrack?

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